About Us



The Institute of Chartered Loss Management of Zimbabwe (ICLMZ) is a Zimbabwe voluntary professional membership board. It is founded on the basic need for a cooperative and collaborative approach to loss prevention and management effort. ICLMZ believes in transparent driven loss prevention measures which are encored on risk, security and safety management systems as critical pillars to the attainment of corporate profitability and social-economic development of nations.


To be the world’s leading membership based professional loss management board.


To facilitate the drive for corporate growth and economic development of nations through delivery of shared research based professional loss management solutions.



ICLMZ’s objectives consistently on its dedication to;

     (a) Advance loss management as a profession of choice and to promote integrity, transparency and openness in the work carried by its members   

     (b)  Encourage continuous professional loss management skills development.

     (c)  Conduct research and continuously raise the level of loss management knowledge.

     (d)  Support stakeholders and ensure continuous availability of skilled loss management professionals on the search for lasting solutions to corporate challenges.