ICLMZ Sponsorship Available to members:  ICLMZ is proud to once again offer our annual sponsorship program for members, including students and researchers, who demonstrate a manifest interest in a career in private security and loss management. Each deserving winner will be awarded up to $650.00 in eligible costs associated with attending ICLMZ Annual Conference including registration fees and eligible travel and lodging costs. 

To be considered for a sponsorship, applicants must submit:

1.Completed application form 

2.Short statement describing the candidate’s loss management research topic 

3.Copy of the candidate’s academic transcript

4.Copy of the candidate’s resume Applications should be submitted by June 30 every year. Those submitted prior to that date will receive higher consideration in the application review process. A downloadable brochure has been created to help you explain the program with potential candidates.  Help get the word out about the scholarship program, and reward potential new loss management professionals with a trip to the Annual Conference!